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24 hour taxis to be available on Park Island

Good news for those people who want a 24 hour taxi on Park Island. Up until now, taxis are only allowed between 8pm at night to 7am in the morning. It seems this is about to change
The latest Park Island residents newsletter notes that the majority of residents polled in a questionnaire by the Transport Department voted in favour of permanent taxi access.
Whilst it is accepted that permanent taxi access might increase property values by 5%, the concern some residents have is that more access would make the island less exclusive, and more accessible by non-residents. There also also those who feel taxis are no eco-friendly, and that we should continue to encourage only mass public transport such as the buses and ferries.
It seems a decision will be made in the next few months.
There was also some talk of putting an electric car charging station on the island and then letting electric cars and hybrids access the island.
On another note, the sky over park island was full of stars this eveni…