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Park Island - Which tower is best?

Everyone on Park Island has an opinion on which tower is best, telling you x Tower is best as it get the most sun, faces the best direction, and so on.
I personally prefer the outward facing apartments that have ocean views and these do command a higher price. Higher floors also mean a higher price. And apartments that have balconies tend to be higher priced than those without
Some will prefrer certain towers that get more sunlight. Others prefer towers that get less sunlight. There is one tower that is closest to where they treat the serwage on Park Island, which might be slightly lower priced as a result of that location.
This photo is the "prestigious" tower 5 Park Island. For a range of reasons Tower 5 apparently is the best tower on the island. It has the best location, apparently, from a Fung Shui perspective. It is the tower closest to HK island, so apparently "captures the wealth" from Hong Kong, and brings good fortune to the owner.
Some agents say that the d…