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The best photos of Ma Wan and Park Island

The Facebook Group for Park Island  Park Island Facebook Group  (called "The Ma Wan Network) has grown into a great social tool and bulletin board for Park Island residents since it was first started. Among the various (and numerous) posts of second hand baby prams for sale, toys, musical instruments, crockery, unwanted food items, furniture, books, etc, and among heated discussions about topics like whether prams should be allowed on buses, and passenger etiquette on Park Island public transport (ie, the ferry's and buses to and from Ma Wan), there are some fantastic photos that have been posted that, as a collection, really capture the essence, beauty, and character of Ma Wan. As a group, Park Island definitely has its share of talented Hong Kong photographers, from amateurs using hand held camera phones, to those who are clearly professional and highly skilled artistic photographers with a real eye and craft for capturing amazing shots.. The Park Island Facebook G

Photos of Park Island

Here are a bunch of photos from Park Island. They are taken with a i-phone camera, but seem to come up OK. Main town area near the ferry terminal of Park Island. You can see the nice trees and clean open space. Piazza on Park Island Beauty Salon on Park Island (there are numerous spas, salons, etc, including one very high-end spa managed by the Banyon Tree hotel group). Park Island Beauty Spa Local 7/11 and Park and Shop. The Park and Shop is excellent by the way. Its huge, and also has fresh live seafood delivered for sale each day. Park Island 7 Eleven Park and Shop on Park Island Park N Shop Park & Shop Seafood Wine from Park and Shop on Ma Wan A Park Island apartment building and also the view from one of the balconys. Park Island apartments Park Island apartment towers Park Island Complex Balcony view from Park Island Two of the pools on Park Island . Park Island Pool (Outside) Park Island swimming pool  A view of the &quo