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The old village on Ma Wan

Many people think only of the modern Park Island development when they hear of Ma Wan island. There is also the "local village" which consists of newly built houses for the locals who lived on Ma Wan before it was sold to Sun Hung Kai who developed Park Island.
There is however a lesser known part of Ma Wan, which is the original village (sometimes referred to as the "old village). It has mostly been abandoned now, and it will sooner or later be developed by Sun Hung Kai. Most people say it will be a high end hotel resort managed by Shangri La, possibly with a marina, but I am not sure if the plans are finalized. Others have speculated that a private car-park for Park Island residents might be built on part of this land.
If anyone knows exactly what is being planned for the old Ma Wan village, please do let me know.
I went exploring today, and took a few photos:

In this pic you can see some of the old buildings in the old village that have not yet been demolished. You can s…