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Dim Sum on Park Island - Honey Heart Dim Sum restaurant

Park Island has a number of Chinese Food restaurants. You can get Chinese food in the Park Island main resort area, and in the private club houses, and at the restaurants along the beach. But for dim sum, my favourite place is a locally owned Dim Sum restaurant in the village area of Ma Wan, opposite Blocks 19-23 of Park Island, called Honey Heart. Dim Sum on Park Island The restaurant is owned by a local Ma Wan villager, who has a philosophy of using ononly the best food ingrediants, and minimizing any additives, artificial flavourings, MSG, etc. She came up with the idea of doing this as she was always a healthy eater herself, and because she wanted a restaurant that fitted the Park Island theme of good healthy and where possible organic food. The restaurant is not flash, but the food is without doubt excellent. People sit inside and out on the sidewalk in the sunshine. Ma Wan Dim Sum Singapore noodles (only they are not fried, but rather steamed). Chinese food on Pa