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A newly renovated Park Island apartment in Block 7

These photos show the space and size you can get in some of the Park Island apartments. This apartment is 1532 square feet, with a rooftop of around 600 square feet.

Combined with amazing views, and high quality yet minimalist renovations, you can create an extremely comfortable home ideal for people who desire both space, peace, views, and easy access to a host of facilities on the island.
The views of the bridge are also stunning, especially in the evenings.

The bank valuation for these type of apartments is between 18-20 million, depending on which block they are in, although agents will tell you that you well need to pay over 20 million to get one as all sellers are asking beyond bank valuation. Further, publicity and interest from buyers and possible tenants of the AnaCapri apartments on Ma Wan is creating new interest and awareness in apartments such as a the one featured here, as such people inevitably view and consider these once they have come to Park Island to view AnaCapri…