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Sky the Park Island Patrol Dog

Many residents will know that beloved patrol dog Sky passed away last year, on 22 December 2017. The Park Island patrol dogs accompany security guards on night patrol. They are apparently trained, much like police dogs are, although I am not aware of them actually ever putting their skills to use in catching anyone bad. In the early days, the Park Island Management company apparently used to keep these dogs locked up in a cage in the dark in the daytime, and only allowed them out on patrol at night. Many older Chinese people really don't have a good understanding of how dogs think or how they should be treated. However, fortunately, residents found out how these dogs were being treated, and educated management on a better way to treat dogs. Over time, more and more residents began to care for Sky and her life surely must have become more enriched, fulfilling, comfortable, and happy.  Some people say dogs are man's best friend. Some consider dogs to be man'