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Moving to Hong Kong, where to live?

I received the following email from someone moving to Hong Kong and wondering were to live. My response is posted below (personal details removed).

If readers of the Park Island Blog want to post a comment (either on the initial email enquiry, or on my response, feel free to do so!)

Hi, I will be moving to Hong Kong some time next month. I've just started looking for accommodation and trying to speak to people who have experience of living in Hong Kong.

We're a small family - myself, my wife and our 3 months old baby girl. Not quite into the city night life to be honest. So we prefer to live away from hustle bustle in a community setting where we will hopefully make family friends. I really don't mind 30-40 mins of commute each way. Office is in Olympic MTR area. First 3 months, however, I'll work in Central.

Your blog provided a lot of good info on Park Island. I am hoping to get your views on how you think the construction quality and facilities in PI compare to estates…

Where to live in Hong Kong?

Where to live in HK? Its a question that is asked by any expat moving to Hong Kong, and indeed also by people already living in HK.
When you are first moving HK, you will find everyone has an "opinion". Some will tell you Mid Levels is best, others will tell you Happy Valley is best, and others love Discovery Bay.
Park Island, is not as well known as these locations, but as I was having my morning swim today, under the warm sun as it was rising, I thought to myself - "I am SO HAPPY I live here!".
As I was swimming, I made a mental list of the top 10 things I like about Park Island:
- Good air quality. - Peaceful at night. - No traffic noise. - Great fitness facilities. - Nice clean lobbies, lifts, common areas, and high quality apartment buildings. - Dog friendly (as I like dogs). - Child friendly (great if you have active boys that need outdoors to run around and play). - Surrounded by beaches (I am a "beach person". I love morning and evening beach walks. - Great g…