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A list of restaurants on Ma Wan along with reviews

See here for a list and review of some of the Park Island restaurants listed on Open Rice:

A burger and pizza on Park Island

Thank you Cafe Roma :) Pizza and a burger from Cafe Roma

Update on Park Island Beachside restaurants

I sampled the new gourmet burgers at Cafe Romas a few days ago. I must say, the burgers are EXCELLENT! I can't recall the price (around $60 or $70) from memory, but well worth it if you want a quality burger with quality ground beef, caramalized onions, fresh tomatoes, etc. Mmmmmmmmm. Secondly, I went for the first time to try the Thai restaurant. The name is Pattaya Island Thai Restaurant (or something like that). Its the last restaurant along the beach towards the Noah's Ark. I am always quite reluctant to eat Thai food in HK as its often made by a Chinese chef catered to Chinese tastes, and does not taste like real Thai food at all. I ordered a sammple entre platter, which consisted of spring rolls, chicken in bamboo leaves, fish cakes etc. I would rate it as OK, perhaps 6/10. Definately eadible while drinking a nice cold beer. I also ordered a green curry chicken with rice. That was much better, and tasted relatively authentic. I'd give it an 8/10. Certainly quite OK -