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Schools on Park Island

There are a wide range of schooling options either on, or near Park Island. In Hong Kong many local parents are fanatical about getting their children into a "good" school. To me a "good" school is one where children can learn in a fun, free environment, whereas for local Hong Konger's the concept of "good schooling" is more focused on study, rote-learning, and "good grades". Many Chinese parents are interested in schools that have a "disciplined" approach to stufy. Meanwhile, many expat parents want to have a school that offers children an enjoyable schooling, with exposure to Chinese language. Parents who have chosen to move their family to Park Island typically are  already doing a great thing for their kids, by ensuring that have cleaner air, and open space to run around and play in a nice, save environment. There is a nice blend of local and ex-pat kids on Park Island, so kids are likely to be exposed to both Engl