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Happy Hour Beers and two for one pizza deals at Cafe Roma on Park Island

The advert below caught my eye recently. Cafe Roma has happy hour beers 6pm to 8pm each day, and on Fridays 2 for 1 pizzas. So its quite a popular place to expats to be on a Friday after work apparently!

There is also a deal on Wednesday where you get a free bottle of wine if you spend $200. I am planning to check that one out soon too!

A burger and pizza on Park Island

Thank you Cafe Roma :)

Cafe Roma restaurant review

I was at Cafe Roma on Park Island last night, and over a meat lovers pizza and a glass of red wine I decided to write this restaurant review.

Cafe Roma is a bar/cafe/reataurant right across from the main beach on Park Island.

Photo of Cafe Roma.

Cafe Roma lunch menu.

Park Island residents and visitors enjoying a drink at Cafe Roma, Ma Wan

Cafe Roma viewed from Park Island Beach.

The staff at Cafe Roma are extremely friendly, with a relaxed and casual yet professional service. I usually go there a few times a week for lunch, and also sometimes for dinner or a beer, or two.

If I have guests visiting from overseas, I always enjoy going to Cafe Roma for a meal and a bottle of wine overlooking the ocean. In many ways, when you are there, it really feels like you are somewhere on a beach holiday, like Phuket. Its hard to imagine you are in HK, as its so relaxed.

The menu at Cafe Roma is pretty casual. Pizza, chicken wings, burgers, pasta, salads, etc. An OK selection of wines, and a range …

Weekend on Park Island - watching buyers and renters coming to Park Island to take a look

I noticed this weekend, a big influx in people looking at Park Island as an investment,
Chatting to various people who had stopped by at Cafe Roma for a drink in between house hunting, it seemed the people looking to rent or buy had only recently "discovered" Park Island. All seem very plesently suprised at how nice it it - kind of like they have found something special that not many people back on HK island know about.
The typical person I spoke to seems to be from Europe, and thus has a preference for clean air and good facilities. Or young couples, who want the best place for their children in terms of air quality and environment. I also saw a few mainlanders, who were actually very nice to speak to. They were very eager to buy as an investment and holiday home for when they visit HK, rather than just staying in hotel.