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An update on private car access for Park Island Residents - implications of the Tuen Mun - Chek Lap Kok Link

I've written on the topic of car access to Park Island for residents before and it is always a topic of interest, both to Park Island residents who prefer not to have car access (due to wanting to limit public access/noise/pollution etc) to Park Island, and those who prefer to have cars, due to both the convenience and the likely significant boost in property prices that would undoubtedly result (welcomed by owners, but no so much by those of who rent apartments on Park Island.).


I recently received an interesting "unofficial" update today from a senior Hong Kong Transport Department official that I will now share.
As some of you may know, in the past, one main reason cited for not allowing private cars for residents of Park Island has been that the Transport Department had concerns about the effect on traffic congestion over the Tsing Ma Bridge and the Kap Shui Mun Bridge that conn…

Effect of the Tuen Mun Chek Lap Kok link on Park Island

I recently spoke to a Hong Kong politician who told me, he had it "on good authority" that there would be car parking on Park Island once the Tuen Mun Chek Lap Kok link was completed.
I was not sure what the Tuen Mun Chek Lap Kok link was, so I Googled it, and obtained the following details:

The proposed Tuen Mun – Chek Lap Kok Link and Tuen Mun Western Bypass will provide the most direct route between the Northwest New Territories (NWNT) and Lantau, joining the Kong Sham Western Highway, the port back-up areas in the NWNT, the Tuen Mun River Trade Terminal, the Ecopark, the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao Bridge Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities, the Hong Kong International Airport (the Airport), the proposed Lantau Logistics Park and various North Lantau developments.
Upon completion, the new route will significantly reduce the journey time between the NWNT and Lantau.
The Project will release some capacity of the existing roads such as Tuen Mun Road, Ting Kau Bridge, Lantau…