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When will private cars be allowed on Park Island?

As promised, here is an update on the discussions I have had with the Hong Kong Planning Department and the Hong Kong Transport Department.
First, below is the actual response I received in relation to submissions and inquiries related to allowing access and car parking for private cars for Park Island residents. 
This office has consulted Transport Department on your proposal. This email serves as a coordinated reply by Planning Department and Transport Department.

The construction of the Airport Core Projects had impacts on the planning for Ma Wan. The Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok is about 12km to the west. The Lantau Link, which is the major transport link between Lantau and the urban area, passes over Ma Wan.

Ma Wan is located at a prominent location along the Tsing Ma and Lantau transport corridor and subject to traffic capacity and infrastructure constraints. Comprehensive planning and control on development on the island with due regard to all the limitations is …

How to officially request for a car park on Ma Wan

I received this letter below from the Town Planning Board, regarding the process that needs to be followed if a private car park is to be granted on Park Island:
The submission should be made either by hand or by post to "Secretary, Town Planning Board, 15/F, North Point Government Offices,333 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong".
You may also wish to make reference to "Guidance Notes 10 - Application for Amendment of Plan Under Section 12A of The Town Planning Ordinance"
( for detailed information regarding the submission.
Alexander W. Y. MAK


Some activity happening at the new villas

I have noticed substantial activity at the new villas. Teams of gardeners planting flowers, cranes being used to deliver and plant trees. The building next to the villas has had an artificial lawn added on the rooftop (they should have done it with real grass!).
So, it seems they are getting ready and sprucing things up for a sales launch. My guess now is it will start being prompoted for sale around Chinese New Year in 2012. Interesting how the extended taxi times happened to be nicely approved just recently.
Time will tell what is planned for the structure right next to the villas. To me it still looks very much like a car park, and a while back I saw a whole bunch of Government official types inspecting that structure, measuring, taking photos, looking at building plans, etc.