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July 2011 Park Island update - bits and pieces.

Well, summer on the island seems just fine. Everyone is out enjoying the sun, swimming, and tourists are coming over in the weekends to enjoy the beaches.
The Indian Restaurant (Moguls I think the name was) near the beach is closing. Word is that is will be replaced by a Japanese restaurant. My view is that if they do really good Japanese food, they will do well. On the other hand though, it is hard to do good Japanese food, so my advice from the new restaurant is that you had better provide great quality food from the outset. If the food's no good, that reputation will quickly spread. On the other hand, if its good, word will also spread and you will have a business that does well.
Rumor of the month is that a young couple were caught joining the Ma Wan Ferry mile high club (is there a name for the ocean version of this?) a few weeks ago, on one of the last ferry's coming back to Ma Wan from Central. Apparently the performance continued for quite some time, before a boatsman ap…

Ma Wan Park

Here's the link to the Ma Wan park, which is next to Park Island, in case anyone has not been and wants to visit:
There is also information about weddings on Ma Wan, which apparently are quite popular.

A photo of Ma Wan Ferry Terminal

This photo is taken from the hill around to the left of the Ma Wan Ferry Terminal, near where the Phase 6 Park Island villas are. Not many people go here, except a few local guys who like to go fishing off the rocks. HK island is off in the distance under the bridge.
Here is another photo taken from the same spot with the camera point more to the left.

A burger and pizza on Park Island

Thank you Cafe Roma :)

Park Island Phase 3 apartment hit a new high

Latest graph here. No signs of a slowing property market on Park Island it seems..

Park Island property prices.

"What's the Hong Kong property market going to do"?
That of course is the question everyone wants to know. And if we did know, we could of course all be very rich!
No one can predict with 100% accuracy what the market will do. But what we can do with 100% certainty is look at historical data.
The graph below shows Park Island apartment prices over the last year.
The line in blue is the average price per square foot for Park Island apartments, plotted on a weekly basis over the past year. And line in red is the 12 month moving average line.
Those who argue that "the market has turned" will point to the apparent decline in prices for transactions over the last few weeks (as shown by the last dip in the blue line).
On the other hand, others will argue that the rate of price increases has been steady and constant over the year (as shown by the constant rise upwards of the red line).
My own view is that we are in for continued long term prices increases, and that the tren…

Views from Park Island to HK Island

The views from Park Island Ocean facing apartments to Hong Island are stunning, whether in the morning with the sun rising, in the middle of the day, in the evening with the sun shimmering over the ocean as it sets, and at night. You can also see ships, both large and small, as they move across the ocean and off into the distance.
Below are a few photos I captured. You can see HK island in the background.

Pacific Coffee on Park Island

Pacific Coffee has opened on Park Island! (The photo below is Copyright of "Mark", who posted this on the Park Island Blog earlier today).
The cafe is located in the Park Island Town Square which you walk though just as you get off the ferry. (Is the official name "Shell Square", or am I imagening that?)
I must say, the cafe looks really nice, with nice big lounge chairs, and I think it is an excellent edition to the growing number of shops on Park Island.
There are some places in HK that I think a Pacific Coffee or a Starbucks should simply not be - Lamma Island is a good example. But for Park Island, and the types of residents we have here I think its fine.
I think Pacific Coffee is definately better than Starbucks, but having said that I also think Pacific Coffee is not quite as good as it used to be when it was first established by the ex-pat guy who later sold it (for 200 million I think it was). I will probably keep going to the Rosanna cafe in the Ma Wan Villa…

Photo of a Park Island apartment lobby

This photo of a typical Park Island lobby will only really be of interest for someone who has not yet been to Park Island but is considering living there.

Pretty nice huh?

The Park Island lobbies also have nice lounge areas, which can be used if you are waiting for friends to come down from their apartments and join you downstairs, or if you want to enjoy a bit of aircon before going into the lift. The lifts themselves are modern and fast.

The Park Island Facebook Group

There is a facebook Group for Park Island, called "The Ma Wan Network".
It looks like it well become a great resource for Park Island expats, and the Ma Wan community in general. Take a look at the current group members, which seems to quite accurately changing profile of Park Island residents currently underway.
The stated aim of the Park Island facebook group is "to keep you up to date with what is happening on the island, what is available on Ma Wan, group activities and Park Island news".
Name - The Ma Wan Network. Email - Website -

Park Island Blog Statistics

Its always interesting to see what blog pages were most popular over the last week, based on the data provided by
Last week, this page received the most hits of all pages on the Park Island website:
Interesting that the temperature in HK has also been at its hottest during this time period :)

Under the (Ma Wan) Tsing Ma bridge, down by the sea...

"...on a blanket with my Baby - that's where I'll be..."
Or at least that where I was until she got bitten by a mosquito :)
Here are some pics taken of the bridge the goes over Ma Wan. Most people from Park Island never venture this far across the island, but its actually quite a fun walk.  

How to get to Park Island

Interesting clip here of a person filming how to get to Park Island by ferry.

A video of Park Island


Video of a family on Park Island


A nice apartment on Park Island with modern rennovation

The original fit-out of the Park Island apartments is pretty good and of a high standard. However, as foreigners start moving in, some are starting to do some really nice rennovations.
Below is a picture of one really nice apartment at Park Island, furnished in a style that many foreigners are starting to adopt.

If you like this style of kitchen you can ask your agent to help you find such an apartment if you are looking to rent on Park Island.

Reading newspapers on the Park Island ferry

One thing I like about cafes in the US, is that a newspaper, once read is "recycled". It is left, usually in a designated place, for other customers to come along and read.
I have notice this also happens on the Park Island ferry. There is a luggage rack, in the middle of the ferry, which is usually not used for luggage. Rather, people put used newspapers here, and other people wanting to read them can take it. This is how I get to read my morning newspaper when I travel to HK island in the mornings.

Further, at the end of the day, in line with the environmentally principles of Park Island, all newspapers are gathered up and used for newspaper recycling.

A day at the beach on Ma Wan

The main beach in Ma Wan is wonderful this time of year. Park Island residents probably like it best keep a "secret", but anyhow here are a few details for anyone who want to come visit.
Take the number 2 ferry from central over to Ma Wan. Trip is around 20 minutes.
Once off the ferry, walk along the boulevard, and you will find a path the veers off to the left. This will take you down to the beach. If you want to stock up on drinks or snacks you can stop by the Park and Shop or the 7-11 first.
There are also other less known beaches on Ma Wan, but to find those you will need to a bit of exploring.
Below are some photos. Nice huh? And all at the very doorstep of Park Island residents. I personally start each morning with a 20 minute swim in the ocean. A great and healthy way to start the day!
Get off the ferry terminal and walk past the palm trees.

Along the beach Boulevard...

Stop and smell the flowers...

Follow this path down to the right...

And you will come out to the beach here…

Ma Wan Ferry Terminal

Many people living on Park Island take the ferry to work on Hong Kong Island. Its especially nice for people who work directly in Central, but also pretty good for anyone who works on Hong Kong Island.
The photo below is of the Ferry Terminal on Park Island.

Ferries dock on both sides, and run very regularly. Its a really nice feeling to leave HK Island behind after a day working in the city, and then come back to a place that is peaceful, with clean air, a nice breeze, trees and a beach. It really does feel like you are arriving at a holiday resort, each day! Almost every resident on Park Island says the same thing. Its a great feeling to arrive home!
Some people grab a beer at the HK side and enjoy unwinding on the way home. Others stop off the the 7-11 on Park Island when they arrive, and have a beer or two at the tables outside with other residents.
The ferry is HKD $17 per trip for HK residents, which to me is a very reasonable price to pay for the benefits that Park Island has to o…

Hiking on Ma Wan island

I woke up early today, and decided to walk to the other side of Ma Wan.
This part of Ma Wan is entirely undeveloped, and the paths are all "natural" unlike the Peak on Hong Kong island, which is slowly being paved over by overzealous government officials who have no idea of what nature and hiking is really about.
I saw not a single person during my hike, and as the paths up the mountain where not clearly marked, I had to explore and find the way by myself. The views from up the top are stunning, and there is also an old cemetary up there.
What a great thing to be able to do, to start the morning with a hike like this on your doorstep. And if you had a dog, this would be a great hike to take him or her on, as there there is no traffic, and plenty of open space for him to run around and "jungle" to explore.
I took some photos along the way.

Club 7-11 on Park Island

Just like Lan Kwai Fong, where youngsters buy cheap beer at "Club 7-11", Park Island has its own version of this popular drinking franchise. Only with a few slight differences...
The first difference is that there are actually nice outdoor tables, where people enjoying a drink from club 7-11 can sit with friends.
Secondly, unlike LQF where club 7-11 patrons are likely be be aged 14-18 years of age, on Park Island you will regularly find a table outside the club consisting of Park Island residents aged 40+! I don't know this crowd too well, but they are a friendly bunch happy to have any new resident join them. They can be found virtually every night, at the same table outside the Park Island 7-11.
Attached are some (poor quality) pics. In the background of the second pic you can see the Tsing Ma bridge. I really feel that the landscapers and architects did a great job with the Park Island community mall area, with the trees, shops, walkways, ferry terminal, ocean views, etc…

Some night photos taken from Park Island

Taken on 1 July 2011.

Children's playrooms on Park Island

Each of the clubhouses on Park Island has great children's play facilities. So much better then what's available on HK Island.
I managed to snap these pics recently.

Cafe Roma Hamburgers

Damn these things taste good!