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Renting an apartment on Park Island

The most common way to rent an apartment on Park Island is just to come over, and visit one of the estate agents on the Island and ask them to show you apartments in your price range. Take a look at a range of apartments, make a note of the ones you like (based on size, views, configuration, etc) and then make offers. There are still some bargains here, compared to HK Island.  Hong Kong Property Advertisement  If you see adverts for property in Chinese like this, its quite easy to work out. Here for example, they are asking $35,000 for a 1238 square foot apartment on Park Island. All the agents speak English, so I would suggest you just go in and chat to them and see what they can show you. And don't forget to negotiate. Its usual to seek 10% off the asking price on a property advertised for rent. If you come across as a desirable tenant, the landlord might well be willing to accept a lower rent in return for knowing the place will be well looked after and that the rent wi