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Ma Wan Village houses under construction.

There are still around 100 village houses under construction, on Ma Wan, apparently. Here is a photo of some of them under construction.

The construction process seems to be well planned and orderly (quite the opposite to the usual chaos that you see when village houses are constructed). The reason for this is that the entire Ma Wan village was planned and is being built by Sun Hun Kai, who under an agreement with the villagers agreed to provide a certain number of houses for them.
And in case anyone is worried, the villagers (or indeed anyone who lives in these houses) will not be able to use the Park Island facilities such as the pools and gym etc. Only Park Island residents with resident cards can get access to these facilities. The village does have some facilities that anyone the island can use. They have a tennis court (that seems be more often used for soccer), and a large soccer stadium, and also kids play areas.
I know some foreigners who actually live in the village apartments…