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Random Park Island Photos

A few random photos I took around Park Island with my new i-phone, trying to be a little fancy with the panoramic mode. The bridge to Park Island (Tsing Ma Bridge) Looking over the Park Island Piazza and the Blue Blue Club pools The beach on Park Island Park Island Beach Photo of Park Island Estate, the ocean, and the Tsing Ma Bridge View of the apartments on Park Island A sunny day on Park Island Tree-lined boulevard along the Park Island Estate Towers (ocean is on the left). 

Latest property data from Centadata

Seems prices on our island hit a record high last week, now just a touch short off 6000psf. A few comments to consider when interpreting the data, and deciding whether to buy or sell: 1 - Will prices hold up during a new financial crisis coming from Europe? 2 - Park Island prices migh be up, how how about rentals? If rentals are not also rising then yields are dropping (unless interest rates have dropped, which they cannot really do as they are already all time lows). 3 - How about transaction volumes? If prices are up, but in the context of transaction volume being very low, what does this mean. 4 - Are prices on Park Island basically mirroring HK property prices trends, or is Park Island over (or under) performing HK generally.

Photo of Park Island Estate take as the ferry approaches Ma Wan

Park Island Ferry Terminal

AnaCapri Park Island transaction details - an update

The Anacapri sales data below is sourced from Sun Hun Kai. I will also try to put up some details of secondary transaction records for AnaCapri Park Island once they start coming through. From speaking to agents it seems that initial quick on-sells were around 8-12% up, but that for anything that's being offered for on-sale now people are seeking around 20% above what they paid. For interested buyers of AnaCapri apartments on the secondary market, as I mentioned in a previous posting, it may be that as properties fall due for settlement some buyers might lower their prices. This is what has happened at some times in the Hong Kong property market. Having said that, rates are so low right now, the desire to do this is likely not to be as strong as it was in Hong Kong when interest rates were higher. AnaCapri Park Island Transaction Details  Block 座數, Villa 單位 Floor樓層 03/03/2012 33 C 3 HK$ 7,749,100.00 05/03/2012 32 B 6 HK$ 14,247,300.00 05/03/2012 33 C 1 HK$ 11,886,300.

A hike around Ma Wan Island - Part 2

In part 1 of this series,  A hike around Ma Wan Island - Part 1  I posted photos of the path up to the top of the mountain on Ma Wan. In this part 2 of that series, I will post pics taken from the top down to the other side which faces Hong Kong island. The Tsing Ma Bridge viewed from the top of Ma Wan Once at the top, you will walk past the gravestones and tombs of local Ma Wan villagers. And on the other side you will get an amazing view of this island here. Its so inviting, and I would love to swim over to it some time! Island viewed from Ma Wan On the other side, you will also see a very private nice beach. There is also a nice pier on this side of the island. Here is a photo of the pier looking towards Ma Wan. You can see the Tsing Ma bridge in the distance. There is also a small pagoda with seats that you can use to rest in the shade, or have a picnic. PS - Be sure to bring water with you, especially if you are hiking in the summer months. There are no

Park Island Toga Party

A great photo here of Park Island ex-pats having fun down on the beach with a toga party. It's not actually an annual Park Island event, but if not, perhaps it should be :) Park Island Toga Party I have had friends from HK island ask me what the social scene is like in Park Island, and they are often suprised at how much fun the expats living there have. Drinks (at the bars (often Cafe Roma's) or onw of the Ma Wan restaurants, or at people's apartments) are always happening. Lots of BBQs. Hanging out by the pool. Doing sports together (hiking, gym, swimming, football, martial arts). Having out at a friend's apartment watching football or the F1. There's always something going on.    As for partying in the bars and clubs on HK island, that's just 15 mins away by taxi. There seems to be two types of ex-pats on Park Island. The younger crowd, who are still into the clubbing on HK island (we see them sometimes coming back home at 6-7am in the morning!) and th