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An article about the Phase 6 Park Island Villas

Article about Park Island This article about the new villas on Park Island (phase 6) states as follows: Floor plans will be released in the next few days, and maybe will start selling next week. Prices are expected to be above $10,000 per square foot. More than 500 people have registered an interest in buying. Standard size of the villas are 1200 to 1500 sqft. Duplux is 2000 sqft. 6 units have swimming pools and gardens as big as 4400sqft. Total of 65 units are available .

Photos of Park Island Phase 6

I met a Park Island property agent this afternoon. Here are some photos of Phase 6 Park Island from a brochure he gave me. The apartment I like are the ones with the lawns and pool, although in terms of buying I would almost prefer the luxury apartments on the upper floors of the earlier phases on Park Island. Park Island Phase 6 Phase 6 Park Island Photos of Tsing Ma Bridge from Ma Wan Photo of Sham Tseng viewed from Park Island, Ma Wan Photos of the Park Island Phase 6 private swimming pools Park Island Phase 6 apartment details Park Island Phase 6 private garden Park Island Phase 6 layout Park Island Phase 6 duplex apartment plan

Park Island property agents are getting ready for Phase 6 Park island villa launch

Park Island Estate Agents get their briefing on the Phase 6 Villas Hong Kong Property agents I snapped these photos. It looks like agents are being geared up to promote Park Island ready for the Phase 6 villas launch.

A few photos of the Park Island Villas

I took a few photos of the new Park Island Villas on Ma Wan yesterday. As I wrote earlier, it seems they are being spruced up for promotional launch. An agent I spoke to today told me he has heard they will be priced at 22,000 to 25,000 per square foot. Apparently they will also be given a special name. Ie, not Phase 6 Park Island, but something more prestegious sounding such as Ocean Villas, for example. Park Island Phase 6 Villas Meanwhile, it seems Park Island property prices again hit a new high, although transaction volume remains low. See below the latest price trend graph from Centerline. Centerline price graph