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Dog killed in an attack by another dog on Ma Wan

I have some sad news to report, regarding a dog which died after being attacked by another dog. The incident took place  near Noah's ark where many children,adults and dogs are present. The deceased  dog was attacked and killed and the helper of the dog was also bitten by a big dog that had been living in the area behind Noah's ark.  The dog was actually being kept in the shack that is next to the coach park under the bridge near Noah's park.   The dog that committed the attack was off leash, and not wearing a muzzle.  Any responsible dog owner who knows their dog is prone to aggressive behavior should keep it on a leash and have it wear a muzzle when in public. Most dogs on Park Island are very well behaved so I think it should be a fair and reasonable assumption for anyone living on Park to have, that if you see a dog NOT on a leash or NOT muzzled, that it is friendly/safe/happy/comfortable with human contact and with other dogs/children etc. If your dog d