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Our future Park Island MTR Station

The Government is seeking views on future MTR stations for Hong Kong here: Our Future MTR Lines

If you support an MTR station for Ma Wan, Park Island, please send an email expressing your views here: 

Every email, comment, phone call etc from a Hong Kong resident supporting this will help. It takes just five minutes, so please do take the time to express your support for this, and please forward this to others and encourage them to respond.

An MTR station might also be a compromise between those who want private car access to Park Island and those who prefer a focus on enhancement of public transport options.

Inquiry about Park Island by an overseas architecture student

Readers, I have received this email below.:

Hello, I am an architecture student in London. We visited Hong Kong in November as part of a field trip and it was an unforgettable experience. I have a few questions about Ma Wan island if anyone is willing to help me please. I have noticed the Care village on the map. What is the village exactly about? I am working on a design proposal for a clinic in Ma Wan village. If you have any interesting information about the village to share please do so.. What is the atmosphere/ambiance of the village? What are the inhabitants like?

If any of you wish to get in contact and/or assist this person, please feel free to post your details on this comments section, or email me and I will pass on your details to him,

Park Island Flat with Rooftop for Rent

Posting this advert in case anyone wants to rent a nice apartment on Ma Wan

I have a flat with rooftop for rent.
1532sft and it is 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms plus a maid quarter.

Original renovation.

Would like to rent for close to $50000. Available in 2 weeks.
If you could let me know if anyone is interested? Best Regards, Lily

Park Island Property Prices rose again last month

Park Island Property Prices rose 8.5% over the last month. I won't go over the many reasons for this again, as I have posted on this before, for example:

Click here to view the latest published statistical information on Park Island Property Prices.

Park Island property remains exceptional value at current prices compared to property in almost all other part of Hong Kong, so I would expect that prices are likely to keep rising.

I will shortly post an update on the latest Park Island ferry, taxi, and bus schedules.

A reminder that if you support the proposal for Private Car Parking for Park Island Residents, there is a petition you can sign here: Park Island Resident's Car Parking Petition.

That's it for now.

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