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Schools on Park Island

There are a wide range of schooling options either on, or near Park Island. In Hong Kong many local parents are fanatical about getting their children into a "good" school. To me a "good" school is one where children can learn in a fun, free environment, whereas for local Hong Konger's the concept of "good schooling" is more focused on study, rote-learning, and "good grades". Many Chinese parents are interested in schools that have a "disciplined" approach to stufy. Meanwhile, many expat parents want to have a school that offers children an enjoyable schooling, with exposure to Chinese language. Parents who have chosen to move their family to Park Island typically are  already doing a great thing for their kids, by ensuring that have cleaner air, and open space to run around and play in a nice, save environment. There is a nice blend of local and ex-pat kids on Park Island, so kids are likely to be exposed to both Engl

Park Island Kei Wai Primary School

I don't know too much about this school, other than that the location of the school on Park Island would seem like an ideal place to send your children if you like the idea of children being in a quiter part of Hong Kong with cleaner air. If you lived on Ma Wan you could literally walk your kids to school, and I guess even take them home for lunch time! What I thought was interesting about this Park Island school though, is that each morning there are a number of children whose parents live on Park Island for the clean environment, who send their kids to schools over at Tsing Yi or on Hong Kong Island because they consider those schools better or more prestigious. And yet at the same time, there a number of bus-loads of children who live outside of Park Island, who arrive each morning at Park Island because their parents prefer them to go to the Kei Wai Primary School! Apparently Kei Wai Primary School has a reputation for "a more open and relaxed style of learning", wh