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New Park Island Bus Schedule - proposed connection from Park Island to Mongkok

There is currently a proposal for a new bus connection to Mongkok being considered.

If you support this proposal, please do attend the meeting on 19th August 2014. If you are unable to make it please express your support by sending an email or fax, noting your apartment address.

A response from Hong Kong Transport Department

Dear readers of the Park Island Blog.
Some of you will have read my recent suggestion to the Hong Kong Transport Department requesting a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights between the Ma Wan village and the Primary School on Park Island to address the risk of speeding buses possibly hitting children crossing the road. That post is here:
I have now received a response from the Transport Department as follows:
22 December 2011
Dear Sir / Madam,
Thank you for writing to the Transport Department on 21 December 2011, the Transport Department has replied as follows –

"Thank you for your suggestions on slowing down the traveling speed of buses operating on Pak Lam Road.
Regarding the suggested installation of speed humps, please note that such installation could be a hazard to passengers inside a bus.

Under the normal circumstance, the geometric design of a road would be of a standard suitable for vehicles t…