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Interview with the "first expat to live on Park Island".

I recently met Frederik, who has lived on Park Island for many years, and claims to be "the first expat on Ma Wan". I asked him to respond to a few questions for my blog. Here is our conversation:
-Were you really the first ex-pat on Park Island? Yes, I really think so. I came here just when the first phase was completed. It was at stage where I would still get people looking at me just because I was a foreigner. That no longer happens, but it was fun at first being special like that.
-How did you end up choosing Park Island to live? I was sent to HK to work for a Danish shipping company. I came to HK not with specific ideas about where to live. Most ex-pats come here and live in Mid Levels, Happy Valley, Discovery Bay. I did not know about areas, so I looked more on the map to see what could be suitable. For many Europeans, we really need clean air and open spaces, so that played a big part. Back then, the rents were also very cheap at Park Island. I liked the facilities, and i…

Will private cars ever be allowed on Park Island?

Park Island is connected by an excellent modern highway that connects to the Hong Kong Airport on Lantau Island, and to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. See below Park Island on Google maps:

To get to Park Island, you can use public transport such as a buses or ferries. Private busses also drive to Park Island (eg for school groups, or tours visiting the Noah's Arc). And service vehicles are also allowed (eg for furniture and goods deliveries).
Originally, as part of Park Island's eco-friendly clean air policy, taxis were banned from the island. However on 3 July 2008, the Goverment made changes to the policy and decided to allows taxis are now permitted to enter from 8pm to 7am in the morning. Any resident living on Park Island has the phone number of a "discount taxi" that offers 15-20% off normal rates.
Park Island does have the space for private parking, and so there is often speculation as to when (or whether) private cars will be allowed on Ma Wan.
Many Park Island r…