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Which real estate agent to use for Park Island?

Which agent is the best for Ma Wan / Park Island is a question I get emailed many times. When looking for an apartment on Park Island you can simply come over and visit one of the many estate agencies on Ma Wan. You will see they list apartment in their shop windows, both for rent and for sale and they will give you their recommendations. There are also a number of good websites you can use to get an idea of availability and prices. But as with every type of service, there are some agents who really do add greater value than others. The following property agents have been recognized for their quality of customer service, honesty, and expert knowledge of the Park Island estate and the Park Island property market. Tim Hung - Midland Realty Email:, Phone: 68088950 Website:  Midland Realty - Tim Hung Bruce Lai - City Resort Property Limited. Email: Phone: 97183169, 92213207, 94525000, 34