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Green Green Club on Park Island

Park Island has a number of club houses across the Estate. All residents can use any of the club facilities.
Normally I hang out at the Blue Blue club, as I like the outdoor pool with the infinity effect overlooking the ocean, but I recently went to the Green Green club for a change, and took a look around.
Here are my pics, in no particular order:
-The club house has lots of activities for kids (and adults posted). Here is a snapshot of one of several pages of current activities.
-The Green Green club has a number of insulated music rooms, some with pianos and others empty. This is a GREAT idea for people (and children) who wish to practice music without disturbing neighbours. Its also a good idea for anyone who likes to play the piano, but does not want one taking up space in their apartment!
-At the center of the club house there is a nice open roof "zoo". See below a poster advertising this. I saw some of the birds (see second pic) but not any of the lizards!

-There is a bowli…