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A list of restaurants on Ma Wan along with reviews

See here for a list and review of some of the Park Island restaurants listed on Open Rice:

Park Island featured in the movie Contagian

A lethal pandemic quickly spreads as the medical community races to find a vaccine and people struggle to survive in the thriller “Contagion".
Part the movie is based in Hong Kong. Here is a movie screenshot of Park Island, Ma Wan, and the Tsing Ma bridge.
Let's hope we never get another SARS in Hong Kong!

Phase 6 Park Island Villas are launched

I mentioned an earlier post that I saw groups agents being walked around the Park Island estate, and speculated that they were being trained up for the launch of the new Phase 6 villas on Park Island.
The Hong Kong Standard reported today that Sun Hun Kai received approval to launch Phase 6, so I expect that will indeed happen very soon now.
The report mentions that SHKP is set to launch phase six of Park Island in Ma Wan soon, and that presale consent has been received.
The phase 6 development will be just 65 three and four bedroom units. Sizes are between 1200 and 2200 square feet. All villlas have ocean views and ground floor units have large grass gardens and private pools.
In terms of pricing it seems they will be between HKD $16,000 to $22,000 per square foot, depending on level and direction they face. No word yet on whether they will be offered with private parking, although a…

Viewing fireworks from Ma Wan.

Every so often, usually the Chinese New Year, there is a massive and spectacular fireworks display that take place from platforms in the HK harbour between Hong Kong island and Kowloon.
I had wondered whether one could see the fireworks. Apparently you can (although I think you would need to have a clear sky).
Below is a picture apparently taken from block 17 of Park Island. It must have been with a powerful camera lense.

I will try to see how good one can see fireworks from Ma Wan next time there is a big fireworks display in Hong Kong, and where the best viewing spot is. 

Park Island property agents are getting ready for Phase 6 Park island villa launch

I snapped these photos. It looks like agents are being geared up to promote Park Island ready for the Phase 6 villas launch.

A response from Hong Kong Police regarding traffic safety issue on Ma Wan

Dear Ma Wan blog readers - Some of you will have read my recent suggestion to the Hong Kong Transport Department requesting a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights between the Ma Wan village and the Primary School on Park Island to address the risk of speeding buses possibly hitting children crossing the road. That post is here:
I received a response from the Hong Kong Transport Department which I posted here:
I also received a response from a Paul Turner, a Senior Inspector of the Hong Kong Police, (which I have set out below). I feel Paul's response is a little more sensitive, better worded, and more proactive than the first response received from the Hong Kong Transport Department.
Paul - I appreciate your response and attention to the issues raised. I will leave it to anyone who wants to, to post a constructive com…

Happy Hour Beers and two for one pizza deals at Cafe Roma on Park Island

The advert below caught my eye recently. Cafe Roma has happy hour beers 6pm to 8pm each day, and on Fridays 2 for 1 pizzas. So its quite a popular place to expats to be on a Friday after work apparently!

There is also a deal on Wednesday where you get a free bottle of wine if you spend $200. I am planning to check that one out soon too!

Happy New Year Hong Kong.

It's a beautiful day on Park Island (apart from a slight hangover...)

  Have a great 2012!!!!!!!!!! - The Park Island Blogger