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Weekend on Park Island - watching buyers and renters coming to Park Island to take a look

I noticed this weekend, a big influx in people looking at Park Island as an investment,
Chatting to various people who had stopped by at Cafe Roma for a drink in between house hunting, it seemed the people looking to rent or buy had only recently "discovered" Park Island. All seem very plesently suprised at how nice it it - kind of like they have found something special that not many people back on HK island know about.
The typical person I spoke to seems to be from Europe, and thus has a preference for clean air and good facilities. Or young couples, who want the best place for their children in terms of air quality and environment. I also saw a few mainlanders, who were actually very nice to speak to. They were very eager to buy as an investment and holiday home for when they visit HK, rather than just staying in hotel.

Park Island Villas - Phase 6

I took a look at the new phase of villas built on park island yesterday. The quality looks good, and the views over the ocean are fantastic. Some of the villas have their own outdoor grass gardens, with BBQ's etc. There is also a communal area for the residents to BBQ, which is right on the edge of the ocean. Nice!!!
In terms of price, last year agents had been predicting these would sell at $10,000 to $12,000 HKD per square foot. Now most seem to be saying that when these properties are finally sold it will be more like $15,000. They are clearly going to be appealing to wealthy families, seeking a nice clean living environment in Hong Kong, so I would expect the owners to mainly rich Chinese for self use, or who might then rent these to ex-pats from large international companies.

Photos of Park Island

Here are a bunch of photos from Park Island. They are taken with a i-phone camera, but seem to come up OK.
Main town area near the ferry terminal of Park Island. You can see the nice trees and clean open space.
Beauty Salon on Park Island (there are numerous spas, salons, etc, including one very high-end spa managed by the Banyon Tree hotel group). Local 7/11 and Park and Shop. The Park and Shop is excellent by the way. Its huge, and also has fresh live seafood delivered for sale each day.

A Park Island apartment building and also the view from one of the balconys.

Two of the pools on Park Island .

A view of the "local villiage" on Ma Wan. This is the part of Ma Wan which is not part of the Park Island development, but its on the same island. It was buil