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We have a cantopop star living on Park Island!

We have another cantopop star living on Park Island.
Does anyone know who she is? Here's a hint. She is young and she is cute. I even know which block she lives in, but which one, I am not telling.
Here's a digitally semi-disguised photo taken in the elevator. I will expose her next week :)

Today's post is not about property prices on Park Island...

Let's move away, for a moment, from the on-going focus on rising property prices in Hong Kong.
I'm not going to claim credit for this photo. It was sent to me by a Park Island blog reader. But I love the photo, and it captures so well the peaceful feeling you get if you have an apartment facing in this direction on Park Island as the sun sets, perhaps with a beer or a cigar in your hand, sitting on the balcony unwinding a little after a hard day in "the city".

24/7 taxi access is coming to Park Island

In my last post Tung Wan Beach to be widened, I reported the good news that the main beach on Ma Wan, used by Park Island residents, is going to be significantly widened with plans for an even wider flat sandy beach. 
I now have some further good news to report, this time regarding transport on to Ma Wan!
The Tseun Wan District Counsel has just recommended and approved a further easing of transport restrictions to Park Island for taxis. I can confirm that the recommendation was also approved by Hong Kong's Transport Department.
It appears that the transport department has approved two major changes.
First, taxi access will be opened up to Park Island for weekends as well as weekdays. The hours of access will be extended such that taxi access will move towards an eventual 24/7 schedule.
I think the relaxed restrictions will be welcomed by mothers with kids and prams, and late night revellers returning from Central alike.
Secondly, the taxi operation area will also be extended from the ro…

Park Island Bus and Ferry schedules

Park Island Transport Company Limited (PITCL) was established to provide high quality bus and ferry services to/from Ma Wan Island. They are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited, the company that developed Park Island. Here is the link of the Park Island Transport Company:
Information about the Park Island bus schedule here:
Information about the Park Island ferry schedule here:

The contact details fot the Park Island bus and Park Island ferry services are as follows:

General Enquiry -Tel: 2946 8888 (24-hour automatic telephone system), 2946 8899 (Operator during office hours)

Address: 1/F, Park Island Ferry Pier, 8 Pak Lai Road, Ma Wan, N.T., Hong Kong