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Tung Wan Beach extension project - update

In a post in 2012 I wrote about plans to significantly expand/replenish the main beach on Ma Wan. See : 
I spoke to the Department of Leisure and Cultural Services today for an update, as the previous plans were to commence works in March or April of 2014, and so far I have not see the beach grow.
The latest plans are now for works to be commenced in March/April of 2015, with the project to be finished by the end of 2015.
So, what caused the delay? Well it's typical Government bureaucracy, (as is often the case). In a nutshell, the volume of sand to be added is so large that it will "significantly alter the shoreline and high-water mark". In essence under some Ordinances, this is considered to be "creating new land". So even though the Department of Leisure and Cultural Services has approved the project, there now need to be legislative amendments made, both under the Town Pla…