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Best photos of Ma Wan Village, Hong Kong

HK Ocean view from Ma Wan old village Ma Wan new village houses under construction Love this shot of the old village The new modern Park Island village houses. Ma Wan old village villas Sea view from Ma Wan old village View of shrimp farms and fishing boats from Ma Wan old village Restored house Ma Wan old village Ma Wan New Village Ma Wan old village Ma Wan old village View of Ma Wan new village and ocean from Park Island condo

Ma Wa website

Apart from this  Ma Wan Website  there are some other new resources to share for information about Ma Wan / information about Park Island: The is  Ma Wan Online  which provides a range of up to date information about Ma Wan and Park Island for residents, including the Ma Wan village. Well worth checking out and well done to the group of residents who are maintaining this site. Ma Wan Online There is also a Ma Wan Online facebook page here:  Ma Wan Facebook page .

Chinese Opera on Ma Wan

I recently came across the blog site about Ma Wan Village . The site seems to be dormant now, but it did provide some information on what takes place each year in the structure that is erected in the Ma Wan Village, next to the Park Island Estate. Apparently its a traditional Chinese Opera, that performs each year around Chinese New Year. I never knew what happened there, and now am planning to attend the next one. I would assume foreigner's are more than welcome to attend? Or is this more for a long term Ma Wan villagers only? If someone can clarify or if anyone who is a foreigner in Hong Kong has attended, do feel free to post your comments about the Chinese opera here on this blog. Chinese opera on Ma Wan Village - the stage is constructed Chinese Opera Performance A traditional Chinese festival performance in Hong Kong