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Updated information on the arrangement of taxi services to Park Island.

The latest edition of Park Island Magazine reports that the Transport Apartment on 15 March 2011 has finally agreed to extend taxi access to Ma Wan (the island on which the Park Island estate is built on). Having been built as an "eco friendly" development, car access to the island has always been controversial, but it seems a practical balance has been reached.
The following arrangement with regard to taxi cars will now take effect from 1 January 2012:
Monday to Friday - taxi entry permitted from 10am right through to 7am the next morning (ie only hours not permitted at 7am -10am).
Saturday, Sunday, and Public holidays - taxi entry permitted from 8pm right through to 7am the next morning (ie hours not permitted are from 7am - 8pm.
To me, this seems a move in the right direction. To get to work in the morning, most people will still use a bus, shuttle to MTR, or take ferry to Central or Tsuen Wan. But after work, the option of taking a taxi home now is a lot more viable. A taxi…

Summer has arrived on Ma Wan

Yes, finally after a strangely long winter in HK, we finally have warm sunny weather. I spent the weekend on the beach, with a cold beer (or 2) reading, sleeping, and swimming.
The beach cafes and bars seemed to be doing a roaring trade. I had dinner at the German bar and restaurant called Oma's Kitchen (Grandma's Kitchen), which serves excellent traditional German food as well as German brewed beer. I luckily got a lovely outdoor table, but I noticed many people turning up to find the place was packed out and fully booked. The tables on the beach are especially popular, so if you plan to come on the weekends, you better make a reservation.
My meal consisted of a selection of German sausages, an authentic German pig knuckle, sour-kraut, mashed potatoes, and apple strudel for desert. I am a fussy eater, and I rate the meal and overall experience as a 8.5/10 which from me is a strong endorsement. (Oh any my choice of beer was the Erdinger Dunkelbier). Its just a wonderful feeling …