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What are the demographics of people who live on Park Island?

I thought it would be interesting to compare the official data with my own observations. According to the most recent Hong Kong Government Census data: -The average is 33 years old. This seems somewhat young to me, but I think the data must be skewed as so many people with children live on Park Island. With so many families with kids 1 to 10 years of age on the island, I think this must bring the average age well down. Also many air hostess live on the island, and they must range between 22-30 years of age, -The average employment income for Park Island residents is double the average for Hong Kong, and the average household income Park Island residents is triple the the average for Hong Kong. At first these figures seem a surprise. One would think that the wealthy people live in the Mid Levels in Hong Kong (and I am sure they do). But the reason why Park Island ranks well above average is probably because this is all private apartments (not Government housing) and probably because