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Park Island property prices hit a record high end of August 2015

Park Island property prices hit a new record high end of August 2015. Below is the most recent graph: Park Island Property Prices Hit A New High If you look at the end of the graph, you will see a massive 10.86% jump in prices over the last month. Below are the current average prices (gross PSF and net PSF): The data is taken from   Centadata HK property price data  website (which is the same source I have primarily used in previous updates).  For Park Island property owners who have been agonizing over recent stock market losses, take some comfort that at least your property investment continues to rise in value.

Park Island property prices are poised for a new surge

Property agents around Park Island are reporting strong buying demand for Park Island properties as primarily Hong Kong investors appear to see significant gains ahead for Park Island property as a result of end-user demand. Some agents are forecasting a price of $10,000 psf for regular apartments to be reached by early 2014. I think this is possible but more likely by the end of 2014 or early 2015. Below is the most recent price graph for Park Island, just out today, which seems to confirm this trend. Park Island Price Graph At the end of the graph you can see spike of 5.5% rise in prices over the last month. The themes and the factors driving the continued rises are nothing new. Park Island is great value, excellent quality, and still very affordable compared to almost all other parts of Hong Kong. Borrowing costs are very affordable (and seem poised to remain so for some time yet), and Hong Kong residents are increasingly realizing that they need to preserve the value

Property prices on Park Island hit a new high?

Well, despite all the doom and gloom, it seems that prices have hit yet again a new high. Not good news for those waiting to buy, but obviously comforting for existing owners, (except those hoping for a fall so they can upgrade!). I still think that in these volitile times, you can keep your eyes out for a bargain. There must surely be sellers who have lose money in the stock market, who want to sell off, I would think. And if you look at recent sales records, you can see that some people have recently bought well below current market prices. Meanwhile, an agent I spoke to today told me that many people simply are not selling as they do not want to pay the Government tax that was imposed on people who sell within 2 years of buying. If so, I find it kind of ironic that a measure intended to stop property prices rising, has actually had the opposite effect. The agent I spoke to also told me they are noticing a pick up in people looking around, with a view to buying something before th

How will the US debt crisis affect Hong Kong property prices?

The anxiety of the US debt crisis caused mayhem on the world's stock markets last week, and the Hang Seng in Hong Kong was no exception, dropping nearly 2000 points. The fear of an economic slowdown also apparently affected property sales in Hong Kong, with there being a number of reports of recent buyers of apartments forfeiting deposits and failing to complete purchase agreements for fear that property prices might fall. So called property "experts" in Hong Kong appear divided on whether the recent crisis will have any effect on the continued growth in property prices Hong Kong has seen over the last few years. My own view is that prices are likely to keep rising, after perhaps a month or two of short-term uncertainty. The US Fed said at its last policy meeting that it will keep its benchmark short-term interest rates at close to zero through to at least mid-2013. This ensures continued super-cheap borrowing in HK (due the the HKD peg to the USD), and it means we wil