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Winter on Park Island

I keep forgetting how damn cold HK can get in winter!
A number of times I have looked outside and concluded its not really that cold, only to really regret not wearing more once I am outside. I think the temperature on Ma Wan must get a few degrees colder then more dense and built up places such as on HK island.
I do like the big hot pool in the Blue Blue club this time of year. What they do well, is that they make it really quite hot. I can really only last around 15 mins in there max, which is exactly how I like it, rather than a luke-warm pool, which is not quite hot enough for a decent soak.
I also use the sauna occasionally, but I must say, I enjoy the hotpool more.
Finally, I have discovered I quite like sake in winter. I buy a bottle for the Park and Shop in the Park Island piazza, and then place it into some almost boiling water to heat it. Sipping on that in the evening, while watching a good movie - that's what winter's all about :)

Pool facilities on Park Island

My favorite pool on Park Island is the outdoor pool at the Blue Blue Club.

Right now, as things warm up, one thing I enjoy is eating a meal overlooking the pool, and then having a relaxing swim, followed by relaxation the jacuzzie. I usually swim 2 to 3 times a week, and I find it a great form of exercise.
One thing I really like about Park Island is that apart being surrounded by ocean (where you can swim if you wish) there are a large number of resort-style pools to chose from on the island. The Blue Blue club has the outdoor pool (pictured above) and an excellent Olympic style indoor pool (pictured below), also with 3 jacuzzie (one large mixed-sex one, and then one each in the mens and ladies rooms, along with steam saunas, dry saunas, etc).
The other pools are located at the Green Green Club house, in the middle of the Park Island (again with communal jacizzie), and also a huge outdoor pool near the Phase 5 apartments.

What I really like about these pools, is that they are not the typ…