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Park Island featured in the movie Contagian

A lethal pandemic quickly spreads as the medical community races to find a vaccine and people struggle to survive in the thriller “Contagion".
Part the movie is based in Hong Kong. Here is a movie screenshot of Park Island, Ma Wan, and the Tsing Ma bridge.
Let's hope we never get another SARS in Hong Kong!

A morning hike around Ma Wan

I am usually up around 5.30am, take a quick glance at the US and Europe financial news, and then do a morning hike before getting back to prepare for the Asian markets to open.
These photos are on Ma Wan, on the other side of where Park Island is. Go check it out. Hopefully the Government will not concrete the path over "to make it safer" like that have done on the Peak on Hong Kong island. Having said that, I suspect, eventually, that this land will be developed. Would be great if it just stayed the way it is, but this is HK and any land with views like this tends to get developed evnetually!
This morning, on the way back, I treated myself to a hot chocolate from Pacific Coffee in the Piazza, which is now all decorated and with Christmas songs playing.

A day at the beach on Ma Wan

The main beach in Ma Wan is wonderful this time of year. Park Island residents probably like it best keep a "secret", but anyhow here are a few details for anyone who want to come visit.
Take the number 2 ferry from central over to Ma Wan. Trip is around 20 minutes.
Once off the ferry, walk along the boulevard, and you will find a path the veers off to the left. This will take you down to the beach. If you want to stock up on drinks or snacks you can stop by the Park and Shop or the 7-11 first.
There are also other less known beaches on Ma Wan, but to find those you will need to a bit of exploring.
Below are some photos. Nice huh? And all at the very doorstep of Park Island residents. I personally start each morning with a 20 minute swim in the ocean. A great and healthy way to start the day!
Get off the ferry terminal and walk past the palm trees.

Along the beach Boulevard...

Stop and smell the flowers...

Follow this path down to the right...

And you will come out to the beach here…

About Park Island, Ma Wan, Hong Kong

This is the first of a weekly blog about Park Island, in Hong Kong.
I am going to provide commentary on what its like to live on Park Island, and especially Park Island for expats living in Hong Kong.
Ma Wan or 馬灣 in Chinese) is an island which is part of Hong Kong.
Park Island is located between Lantau Islan and Tsing Yi. Park Island is part of the Tsuen Wan District.
The best known beach on the island is Ma Wan Tung Wan Beach.
In the last 250 years Ma Wan was a fishing village and until recently it was only accessible by boats or ferries.
Things changes on Park Island when the Lantau Link was constructed in the late1990s which connected the new Hong Kong International Airport to the city centre on Hong Kong Island. The highway link passed through Ma Wan, and a ambitious plans to build a luxury property development were launched.
The first phase of Park Island was completed in July 2003, and now phases 2, 3 and 5 have already been completed. (There was no phase 4, as 4 in an unlucky num…