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Is a casino planned for Hong Kong? And will it be on Ma Wan?

It used to be relatively accepted thinking that Hong Kong would never get a casino as "the Jockey Club has a monopoly on gambling in Hong Kong". And historically, and before China yielded a greater influence over Hong Kong this was pretty much a given. Indeed, the HKJC was (and still is) a strong lobbyist against any form of competition, and was (and still is) backed by many people of power and influence from the pre-1997 colonial era.
Hong Kong already has "floating casino boats", and many Hong Kong citizens these days simply gamble on-line, or through more traditional Chinese triad associated shadow "gambling facilitators" (who take bets, lend money, pay out money, and when needed, collect money via various methods).
And right next to Hong Kong we of course have the gambling mecca of Asia, Macau (where many casino companies are actually listed in Hong Kong, on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ("HKSE") including Sands China, Galaxy Entertainment, …

New shipping emissions regulations welcomed by Park Island residents

Air pollution is an issue across Hong Kong, and is one reason why people move from parts of HK with heavy car traffic and the wall effect caused by large connected buildings, to cleaner locations like Ma Wan.

However, even though private motorvehicle traffic on Ma Wa is quite limited, all of us in HK have the further concern of pollution from ships in HK using so called (lower quality "bunker fuel"). Indeed, Cargo and passenger marine vessels are the biggest source of toxic sulphur dioxide in HK., and we can see some of these ships in the distance from our homes on Park Island. Improving the emissions standards of ships in HK waters was something called out by CY Leung in his most recent HK policy address.
The good news is that a new regulation was tabled in HK today, requiring all ocean going vessels to switch to cleaner fuel whilst in HK waters, with the law proposed to take effect on 1 July 2015. This can only be positive for both Park Islanders, and HKers in general. Le…