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A few random comments

Wow - its really interesting to see more new expats arriving on Park Island each week. For those of us who have been on Park Island for some time, the "new arrivals" are very noticable, especially the big smiles on their faces as they realise what a nice lifestyle choice they have made as they walk around the island. The typical profile of our new arrivals seems to be a young couple, 30-35 years of age, often pushing a pram with a small baby (or possibly a pregnant wife expecting a baby). Also noticable are the expat couples aged 55-60, who seem to be happily married, with kids already having grown up and left the home!  It's great to see how quickly new arrivals seem to fit in, get to know residents, hanging out on the beach and at the beach restaurants. (And speaking of the beach, isn't the weather GREAT right now. Blue skys, not too hot, and a little chilled in the evening. I love it right now!). A 3rd common category seem to be young Chinese couples taking up r