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Hong Kong property market outlook 2015

How will the Hong Kong property market perform in 2015?  Hong Kong Property 2015 Forecast Before I share my thoughts lets look at how the market performed in 2014.  In 2014, according to the Centaline Centa City Leading Index (CCI), property prices in HK, overall, rose around 14%, (with much of that gain taking place in the latter part of the year).  So for a person wishing to buy who is currently out of the market, or for someone who had sold thinking the market had peaked, the 14% increase clearly represents a massive loss of money/opportunity. This of course does not mean all properties in HK rose equally. Some types of property may have fallen up to 5% and some may have risen more than 20%, dependent on factors like quality, location, price range (ie higher priced property was more affected by Government cooling measures), appeal to Chinese property buyers, proximity to newly opened MTR stations, etc. Bear in mind also that the 14% gain last year, which,

Another arial drone clip of Ma Wan

Another Park Island drone showing Park Island viewed from above. Hong Kong Drone (Park Island) See if you can spot your place :) Merry Christmas from the Park Island blogger.

Park Island Ferry Schedule. Park Island Bus Schedule.

Here is the most up to date schedule for buses to Park Island and the Park Island ferry schedule:  Park Island Buses and Park Island Ferry Schedule .  From Park Island Transport Company's website: Ferry Services: We operate a fleet of high-speed double-deck air-conditioned catamarans plying between Park Island and Central with a journey time of about 25 minutes as well as between Park Island and Tsuen Wan with journey time of about 15 minutes. Park Island Ferry Schedule Bus Services: We employ a fleet of single-deck buses for four shuttle routes: to and from Park Island / Ma Wan among MTR Tsing Yi Station, Kwai Fong Metroplaza, Hong Kong International Airport and MTR Tsuen Wan Station / Tsuen Wan West Station. MTR Tsing Yi Station and Kwai Fong Metroplaza routes are operated round the clock.  The journey time *of each route is about 12 minutes, 18 minutes, 30 minutes and 18 to 23 minutes respectively.  Park Island Bus Schedule Park Isla

Dog killed in an attack by another dog on Ma Wan

I have some sad news to report, regarding a dog which died after being attacked by another dog. The incident took place  near Noah's ark where many children,adults and dogs are present. The deceased  dog was attacked and killed and the helper of the dog was also bitten by a big dog that had been living in the area behind Noah's ark.  The dog was actually being kept in the shack that is next to the coach park under the bridge near Noah's park.   The dog that committed the attack was off leash, and not wearing a muzzle.  Any responsible dog owner who knows their dog is prone to aggressive behavior should keep it on a leash and have it wear a muzzle when in public. Most dogs on Park Island are very well behaved so I think it should be a fair and reasonable assumption for anyone living on Park to have, that if you see a dog NOT on a leash or NOT muzzled, that it is friendly/safe/happy/comfortable with human contact and with other dogs/children etc. If your dog d

Rules, rules, rules

I've heard it said that Park Island is "like a mini-version of Singapore", and I wonder when I hear this, if it is supposed to be a compliment or a criticism :) Yes, like Singapore Island, Park Island is well organized, clean, has manicured gardens, lots of greenery, but in some ways it has achieved this through many rules that apply residents. And just like Singapore, some people are not fond of having so many rules that everyone needs to comply with. I snapped but just a few examples a few signs I saw recently, but didn't include the one in the changing rooms of Blu Blu that reminds residents not to use the hairdryer for their pubic regions (yes, some older men do this, and also use it to dry their feet...). Ewww. What do you think? Do we have too many rules, or some unnecessary ones in Park Island?