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A hike around Ma Wan Island - Part 1

My recent post post about the history of Ma Wan History of Ma Wan inspired a friend of mine who came from overseas in Hong Kong, to take a big hike around Ma Wan Island.
I took a bunch of photos during our walk, some of which came out really well, and if I do say do myself, some are actually quite artistic. I am going to post these up in various parts on this blog, along with my comments.
I hope my photos will encourage people to come over and spend a day hiking on Ma Wan. There are really some quite spectacular and unique things to see!
This is the path we took to the top of the Peak on Ma Wan. It's quite an easy walk. You go under the Tsing Ma bridge from Park Island, and find your way up the mountain.  I spotted this dog, which at first thought was a wild dog as it was timid, but I then saw its owner coming the other way. I actually saw only very few people during most parts of the walk.
You can see here the view from the Ma Wan peak, over the Noah Ark and then the Park Island Es…