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HSBC raises Park Island valuations by 10%

I am not sure how exactly HSBC calculates what it will loan on a property, but I woudl think a big part of it is that they look at recent sales transactions and then set their values on what they will loan on a property from there.
It is commonly said that in a "rising market" you typically need to pay 10-15% above bank valuations to secure the purchase of a property.
I have been closely following HSBC valuations of apartments on Park Island using this link:
What I noticed in the past, by trackng bank valuations of a range of apartments on Park Island, is that HSBC will usually raise or lower prices by a percent or 2 each month, depending on whether prices are rising or falling. So, it came as a suprise to me that HSBC today raised Park Island valuations by almost exactly 10% for all the apartments I have been tracking.
Its obviously nice news for owners, but he concern for buyers is that owners who are selling might now increase their asking prices accordingly. If I was a buye…