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Park Island apartment rennovation by Good Living Interior Design

Some photos of some nice interior rennovation of a Hong Kong apartment, in Park Island, Ma Wan.

This apartment is 2 bedrooms, and 740 square feet. Nice work guys!

Their website is

Layers Painting Workshop

Some cool work done here by Layers Painting Workshop on a Park Island apartment.

If you are interested in having something like this done call them to arrange a proposal (details below):

CANDY: 9280 3250
ZOEY: 6108 4784

A nicely rennovated Park Island Apartment in Block 1

Here are some photos of a Park Island apartment I came across last night in Block 1.
Looks like really nice Balinese style apartment rennovation, that works well in the context of Park Island's relaxing beach lifestyle.

A nice apartment on Park Island with modern rennovation

The original fit-out of the Park Island apartments is pretty good and of a high standard. However, as foreigners start moving in, some are starting to do some really nice rennovations.
Below is a picture of one really nice apartment at Park Island, furnished in a style that many foreigners are starting to adopt.

If you like this style of kitchen you can ask your agent to help you find such an apartment if you are looking to rent on Park Island.