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Under the (Ma Wan) Tsing Ma bridge, down by the sea...

"...on a blanket with my Baby - that's where I'll be..."
Or at least that where I was until she got bitten by a mosquito :)
Here are some pics taken of the bridge the goes over Ma Wan. Most people from Park Island never venture this far across the island, but its actually quite a fun walk.  

Tsing Ma Bridge - when does it light up?

One of the spectacular features for some of the Park Island apartments, is the view of the Tsing Ma bridge, which supports not only motor vehicle traffic in Hong Kong, but also into which the MTR airport express train is encased. (The trains runs along the underside of the bridge, although it is encased in a kind of "tunnel". Imagine how awesome the view from the train windows woud be without the "tunnel" under the bridge.
Anyhow, the bridge at night is all light up in the evenings (much like many international bridges are), and really is quite beautiful to look at.
But, I have never actually seen the lights come on. Until today, when at exactly 7pm, the lights all come on one by one, starting at both sides of the bridge, and meeting in the middle. Not sure if its always 7pm, but if you ever want to see the light coming on, I think 7pm is the time it will take place!
A few photos below. I took these with a camera phone, so if you have a better quality photo, please se…