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Hong Kong property market outlook 2015

How will the Hong Kong property market perform in 2015?  Hong Kong Property 2015 Forecast Before I share my thoughts lets look at how the market performed in 2014.  In 2014, according to the Centaline Centa City Leading Index (CCI), property prices in HK, overall, rose around 14%, (with much of that gain taking place in the latter part of the year).  So for a person wishing to buy who is currently out of the market, or for someone who had sold thinking the market had peaked, the 14% increase clearly represents a massive loss of money/opportunity. This of course does not mean all properties in HK rose equally. Some types of property may have fallen up to 5% and some may have risen more than 20%, dependent on factors like quality, location, price range (ie higher priced property was more affected by Government cooling measures), appeal to Chinese property buyers, proximity to newly opened MTR stations, etc. Bear in mind also that the 14% gain last year, which,