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Photos of Park Island Phase 6

I met a Park Island property agent this afternoon. Here are some photos of Phase 6 Park Island from a brochure he gave me. The apartment I like are the ones with the lawns and pool, although in terms of buying I would almost prefer the luxury apartments on the upper floors of the earlier phases on Park Island.

Some activity happening at the new villas

I have noticed substantial activity at the new villas. Teams of gardeners planting flowers, cranes being used to deliver and plant trees. The building next to the villas has had an artificial lawn added on the rooftop (they should have done it with real grass!).
So, it seems they are getting ready and sprucing things up for a sales launch. My guess now is it will start being prompoted for sale around Chinese New Year in 2012. Interesting how the extended taxi times happened to be nicely approved just recently.
Time will tell what is planned for the structure right next to the villas. To me it still looks very much like a car park, and a while back I saw a whole bunch of Government official types inspecting that structure, measuring, taking photos, looking at building plans, etc.