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Hot hot hot, and why property is still cheap in Hong Kong

Its pretty damn hot in HK right now, And I mean both the weather AND the property market. People are making good use of the pools on Park Island and the ocean and beachs at Ma Wan, and agents are doing well for themselves selling to property to eager buyers who seem to be of the view that demand for property in HK is going to rise in the coming months and years ahead. Property prices are at record historical prices, but this is of course also the case in many other major cities in the world, whether Sydney, London, Berlin, New York, Shanghai.  Many experienced property analysts who have seen prior cycles believe that the fundamental conditions need to support a new boom over the next few years are firmly in place. Looking at the Centadata property graph below, many are expecting a new peak to get up to 200 on their price graph by the end of 2018 as the market starts to accelerate. Hong Kong Property Price Graph 2017 This weekend we saw may buyers, (probably a sign