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Panda-manium - 1600 pandas come to vist Hong Kong

1600 pandas had a great time on the beach of Park Island / Ma Wan recently, and were warmly welcomed by Park Island residents. The pandas, created by French artist Paulo Grangeon in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature, are a protest work from the artist about the dwindling panda population. Each paper panda represents a real panda. In 2004, the WWF estimated that only 1,600 pandas inhabit the planet and that the species is endangered.  The pandas have already visited France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan as part of a world tour. Their arrival in Hong Kong brings them closer to the natural home of real pandas, in the bamboo forests of western China.  Here's a nice little video of the  1600 pandas arriving in Hong Kong . Below are a few photos of the pandas on the beach at Park Island. Pandas enjoying the beach at Ma Wan Park Island residents welcome 1600 pandas who came for a visit