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Park Island Property Prices rose again last month

Park Island Property Prices rose 8.5% over the last month. I won't go over the many reasons for this again, as I have posted on this before, for example:

Click here to view the latest published statistical information on Park Island Property Prices.

Park Island property remains exceptional value at current prices compared to property in almost all other part of Hong Kong, so I would expect that prices are likely to keep rising.

I will shortly post an update on the latest Park Island ferry, taxi, and bus schedules.

A reminder that if you support the proposal for Private Car Parking for Park Island Residents, there is a petition you can sign here: Park Island Resident's Car Parking Petition.

That's it for now.

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Price Graphs for Park Island Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 5

A reader of this site, commenting on my post containing a Park Island Property Price Chart, requested that rather than provide an overall summary of Park Island prices, that I provide a chart for each Phase of Park Island.
So, below I am now attaching Price Graphs for Park Island Phase 1, Park Island Phase 2, Park Island Phase 3, and Park Island Phase 5. The period covered is the last 2 years.
(There is no Park Island Phase 4 as "4" is considered an unlucky number in Hong Kong).

The line shows the average prices per square foot for each transaction, and the bar graph in red shows transaction volume.
PS - I also recently received a comment from a reader encouraging me to post things of interest about Park Island other than just comments about prices. I have taken note of that comment, and hope I can strike the right balance between people who are interested in Hong Kong property investment, possibly buying on Park Island price data etc, and those who are more interested in the li…

Park Island price chart for last 2 years

This chart shows prices for Park Island per square foot, from January 2010 to March 2012. As you can see, prices stopped rising for the last 9 months of 2011 (staying at around $5500 psf), and transaction volume fell during the last 6 months of 2011.
See this comment on Hong Kong Property Prices I made last year for a more detailed explanation of what lead to the stablizing in prices and the decline in transaction volume in 2011.
So far in 2012, it seems prices have started to pick up again, as well as transaction volume, although I am not sure yet if this is a short term effect due to the Anacapri launch or not. Let's see. I still think my predictions in the article referred to above will be correct.

Park Island property prices.

"What's the Hong Kong property market going to do"?
That of course is the question everyone wants to know. And if we did know, we could of course all be very rich!
No one can predict with 100% accuracy what the market will do. But what we can do with 100% certainty is look at historical data.
The graph below shows Park Island apartment prices over the last year.
The line in blue is the average price per square foot for Park Island apartments, plotted on a weekly basis over the past year. And line in red is the 12 month moving average line.
Those who argue that "the market has turned" will point to the apparent decline in prices for transactions over the last few weeks (as shown by the last dip in the blue line).
On the other hand, others will argue that the rate of price increases has been steady and constant over the year (as shown by the constant rise upwards of the red line).
My own view is that we are in for continued long term prices increases, and that the tren…