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Park Island Property Prices hit fresh highs

Below is the latest Centa City Index price update for Park Island.

Prices now average at $9619.55 psf net, (and over $12500 psf gross).

Prices have followed a relatively constant growth trend since 2009.

I spoke to an experienced developer's daughter last month who told me that her family believe average prices will hit over 10K psf net by Chinese new year. (By the way, this also makes it very easy to calculate price. For example a 550 net psf average apartment price would be 5.5m HKD). She expected relatively solid growth of 8% per annum over the next 2-3 years, and indicated that she would only be concerned if overall HK prices spiked up something like 20% in a year, which would in turn lead to a further fear of missing out HK-style frenzy (which would in turn eventually lead to a bubble burst). China values social stability and so would ideally like to see contained but constant, non-volatile growth for HK in a way that keeps the majority of people happy she said.

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Which real estate agent to use for Park Island?

Which agent is the best for Ma Wan / Park Island is a question I get emailed many times.
When looking for an apartment on Park Island you can simply come over and visit one of the many estate agencies on Ma Wan. You will see they list apartment in their shop windows, both for rent and for sale and they will give you their recommendations.
There are also a number of good websites you can use to get an idea of availability and prices.
But as with every type of service, there are some agents who really do add greater value than others. The following property agents have been recognized for their quality of customer service, honesty, and expert knowledge of the Park Island estate and the Park Island property market.
Tim Hung - Midland Realty Email:, Phone: 68088950 Website: Midland Realty - Tim Hung
Bruce Lai - City Resort Property Limited. Email: Phone: 97183169, 92213207, 94525000, 34461386 Website: City Resort Property Limite…

Weekends on Park Island brings lots of visitors. What do visitors do on Park Island?

On weekends many visitors from other parts of HK come to visit Park Island. Some come by bus, and others take the ferry.
What do visitors do on Park Island?
-They go to one of the beaches and swim, and sunbathe.
-They go to some of the many bars, restaurants or cafes. Especially popular are the ones that face out over the beach.
-They visit some of the parks and nature reserves on Park Island, or go hiking.
-Some will bring their dogs, and let their dogs run free on some of the beaches designated as "dog beaches" where dogs are allowed to run freely.
-Spa and massage - Park Island has some top end spas, where a massage will cost you around HKD $700. On the village in Ma Wan, you can get traditional foot massages for around HKD $80 an hour.
-Seafood - thoes in the know, will visit one of the many local Chinese resataurants in the village part of the island. The crabs, seafood, steamed fish, shrimps, etc are all excellent.
-Visit Noah's Ark. This theme park is suprisingly popular …