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Occupy Park Island

It seems that some Park Islanders have gotten behind the "Occupy Movement".
Various banners have been put up on Ma Wan, supported by our Councillor Justin Tseng.
Various residents have also hung up banners of support for the Hong Kong democracy movement in their homes.

Overall, Park Island remains a world away from the Occupy protests that are taking place on Hong Kong Island and Mongkok, although clearly as Hong Kong residents, everyone has a view on the current status of affairs in Hong Kong.

Justin Tseng proposes a multi-story carpark building and MTR station for Ma Wan

I have heard that District counsellor Justin Tseng has proposed a multi-story carpark for Ma Wan along with a Ma Wan MTR station to the Government and also to property developer Sun Hung Kai.
The location proposed iss under Tsing Ma Bridge (currently a football field). Cars would access the building with a short bridge from Ma Wan Road.
If you have any details on this proposal, please do let me know.
Justin, if you are reading this please feel free to post here and elaborate also.

Ma Wan's Tung Wan beach to be widened in extensive beach improvement project

Park Island Residents! Today I have some very good news to report.
Our main beach on Park Island, Tung Wan beach is going to GROW

It will be made significantly wider. We are going to get more sand added, significantly more, which will provide for a broad, wide, and extended flat beach, care of the Hong Kong Government.

Government approval for the project has already been granted, and a tender for these works will go out shortly.
The beach improvement works will mainly involve filling of sand in an area of about 3.47 ha of foreshore and sea-bed to extend the sandy area of the Tung Wan Beach.
To give you a sense of the size and scale of the improvement, the sandy area of the beach will increase from about 3,400m2 currently to about 15,000m2. So around a 5 times the increase in the current sandy beach area.

In the map below you can see, marked in red where the new sand extension will go:

Below you can see an aerial photo of the relevant portion of Ma Wan Island: You can see the Tung Wan …

A proposed MTR station for Ma Wan? Is a Park Island MTR station coming?

Recently there has been talk of an MTR station at Park Island. It seems MTR Corporation may soon conduct a feasibility study into providing an MTR station at Park Island.
Primary factors, I would think, are customer demand and profitability, and also whether a station is physically possible to build.
See here for the proposed location of the Park Island MTR station: Location of station.
Both the Airport Express and the Tung Chung line go though Tsing Ma Bridge above Ma Wan so the proposal seems to be building a platform on Tsing Ma Bridge and then building a ststation with a lift up and down to the train line.
My feeling is that both Ma Wan residents, and Hong Kong residents in general would overwhelmingly support having an MTR station at Ma Wan. Whether it would be profitable I am not sure. I presume MTR would have a financial model that calculates not just trips to and from Ma Wan, but also the increased use that residents would make of the MTR network as a whole, as well as likely incr…