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Pizza on Ma Wan, Park Island

OK, well the last few post have been food related. Maybe its because I am working out in the Park Island fitness center more which is making me more hungry, hence all the food related posts lately. Anyhow, today's post is about where to buy pizza on Park Island. My favorite pizza is Mug Pizza. They are in the local Ma Wan Village, but many people in the Park Island apartments order from them. Once again, like other places in Park Island, these guys seem to make an effort to use a natural preparation style, fresh vegies (not sure if organic) and they make a really nice, reasonably priced pizza. Whilst I also like going to Romas for pizza, I also like getting a Mug Pizza takeaway, grabbing a can or to of Tsing Tao beer, and then heading down to the beach for a relaxing snack. I am not sure the exact street they are on, but if you walk towards the middle of the Ma Wan Village you will see a signpost advertising them. Pizza on Park Island